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Friday, September 21, 2007

I Promise!

Well, it has been awhile, and with my writing mentor calling my house and harassing me to update, sending me emails promising rectal violence.... I think it's time to oblige.

"It's time my friends, to... Just Twist It!" lol, just kidding bro... :)

I'm finding in the news that more and more cities are adopting this new "No baggy pants" law. Again, I'm torn on the issue. I have no problems with baggy pants, but the ass crack or underwear hanging out???? Thats an indecent exposure issue. No one wants to see your skidmarks, pull them up asshole! I do not have a problem with a thong rising out of the back of the pants but I can't say its really attractive if the pants are falling down to reveal it.... just kind of 'skanky', unless you're a stripper, then we pay to see just that. The one problem I have with this law is it is a step towards a violation of rights. It's not big deal with its just 'baggy pants' to must of us but it gives lawmakers momentum to eventually take away something we may possibly like.

The next annoying thing that makes me wante to protest with arms flailing wildly is... *drumroll* Illegal Aliens. Last night while reading the local news I came upon this article. Now Durham is a city of crime as it is and luckily not MY home city but is less than 30-40 minutes away and a sister city to my lovely Raleigh. I understand one point of their not wanting to 'check the status' of certain individuals to not make persons that may be witness to a crime scared to come forward to assist but we have to draw a line somewhere. It is a crime in itself for them to be here. Bleh

I find it very difficult lately to post, I'm involved with one of the largest projects hitting my employer this year and I am at the helm of it. Deadlines are flying by and I have barely enough time to think much less post. Being that 99.99999% of my posting comes from work... it kind of hurts my time frame.

I'll be back....


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Comments on "I Promise!"


Blogger Neo said ... (7:06 PM) : 

Twist - Yeah I thought my harassment would bring you out!

I don't know what to really say about the pants issue, but you're right more and more places are adopting this non-sense. And I hear people say the same crap. Well, I'm not doing anything wrong so it's ok to give up free expression. That's just the start of a bigger plan.

And who told you that you had right huh?

You've been bamboozled!


- Neo


Blogger Neo said ... (7:07 PM) : 

PS. Good luck with your project!


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